Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Giving Thanks

I just spent the longest Thanksgiving ever with my family. From Thursday morning until Tuesday morning. A long time to be with the parents, several long trips in the car, and a really, really long time to be without my vibrator, which I forgot to pack.

So after finally getting back home today, I gave thanks to my trusty, reliable rabbit for all the wonderful orgasms it has given me this past year.

I gave thanks to it three times.

Ahhhhh, I feel better now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What to do on a slow, quiet day in the office?

There's hardly anyone here today, except for me - one of the very few poor saps in my office working the day before Thanksgiving. There are a few little things I could be doing, work-related things, but none are that important; and really, aren't you expected, almost required, to goof off if you have to be in the day before a big holiday? Especially when it's so quiet, so few people around.

I chatted for a while with one of the only other attorneys here today for a while this morning. But then he left early; claimed his wife called him sick, and he had to go home and take care of the baby - I call bullshit on that. But more power to him for coming up with an excuse to leave work.

Next I spent a good solid hour wasting time on the internet, until that got boring.

Then I started daydreaming. That quickly turned into some erotic fantasizing that got me seriously wet and wanting. Which then turned frustrating. And now I can't get fantasies of sex out of my mind.

I guess there's only one more thing to do then: close the door, hike up my skirt, and masturbate until lunchtime.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

As 2 weeks stretches into 2 months ...

After spending years in my cubbyhole of an office, the one my bosses told me was the newbie lawyer office unfortunately but one no new lawyer has had to suffer in for very long, I am finally getting a bigger office at work. Not a different office though. Rather, they're knocking down walls and expanding the space of my existing office.

A lot of work to do just for little ol' me. But I figure the big boss man decided he had to do something of this magnitude for me in terms of office space, after he refused my request 2 years ago for an office that had been sitting empty for 4 months because there's a waiting list for office space based on seniority/when you asked for a new office ... only to then, 9 months ago, give a brand new (but older than me) hire a much larger office which he did not first offer to me, despite the whole seniority/when you asked for a new office policy. Yeah, he owes it to me.

So they began construction work on the new space around the beginning of October. "Two week job," they told me. The next week, "yeah, it's gonna be another two weeks," they said. The following week, "well, things have gone kinda fast so far because we were knocking things down and putting up big new things, but now we're at the finessing stage, where the work goes slower so it's gonna take longer. Probably looking at another two weeks." That was two weeks ago. And they're so far from finished, judging by the looks of things.

Well I'm just happy to be getting the bigger space. And my temporary digs aren't bad.

What would really be funny, though, would be if I actually get a positive reply to one of the new jobs I've been applying for in the meantime. Because that would epitomize the role of timing in my life.

"Sadie, I know we said it would only take 2 weeks, but finally your new office is finished! Aren't you excited?" "Yes, that's awesome! By the way, I quit."

Friday, November 9, 2007

It wasn't me, I swear.

I took my cat to the vet yesterday. The poor little thing was really sick, even had a fever. I wasn't surprised when the vet said that she had a virus. But it was the kind of virus she has that took me for a loop.

My cat has herpes.

Which makes me wonder: which of the neighborhood cats has my little slut been letting slip it to her when I'm not looking? Because I know she didn't get it from me. I always use protection.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fuck It.

I'm back.

The workplace has been crazy the past few months, and getting crazier day by day. The turnover rate is huge right now, started not long after new management took over. And one of the things a number of people have gotten nailed on lately is secret-employer-police looking over people's shoulders and signing on to their user accounts to determine what web sites they've visited on their work pc's, to see if there's anything there that violates the workplace internet usage policy. Out of a sense of foreboding, I decided it was best to delete my blog, a place I'd accessed plenty from my work computer, a place where I'd ranted a good bit about work shit.

But fuck it. I need an outlet, dammit. And probably no one at work cares what sites I've accessed on my computer. But more importantly, when a single thirty-something girl finds herself venting all her day-to-day stuff by drinking wine at night and talking to her two cats, then she's in danger of more serious repercussions than just finding herself perhaps out of a job working for nosy employers one day.

This blog may not be totally healthy, and there's a not-entirely-paranoia-induced chance that it could get me fired, but I tell you what ... it sure as hell beats running the risk of turning into Eleanor Abernathy.