Saturday, July 4, 2009

I must be drunk

It's 2 am and I just posted this video on my facebook page:

Can't wait til tomorrow, when I'll undoubtedly get the "how could you put that on your facebook page, take it off!" emails from my mom and sister and who knows what other family members. Sorry folks, I was just drunk, I'll tell them.

... Sigh. I just couldn't do it to my poor mom. Took it down from Facebook, which she checks religiously. Oh well, still cracks me up ...

Friday, July 3, 2009

I hate to stereotype, but ...

I suspect this weatherman might be gay:

Sometimes it's reassuring to realize there are people out there a whole lot crazier than yourself.

Yesterday I received a letter from someone wanting me to represent him. He wasn't asking me to sue anyone for him, just wanted me to "advocate" for him. Because he has "irrefutable proof" that the United States Supreme Court is part of a vast conspiracy to enslave white people in nursing homes. And it's all the fault of "The Jews and The Blacks." Oh, and btw, "Feminism is a misnomer" because it was really propogated by "Jewish women who are all Violent and mostly Lesbians." I don't know how Feminism and Violent Jewish Lesbians fit into the nursing home enslavement conspiracy sanctioned by the Supreme Court to enslave white people, but it was quite an interesting read.

I threw the letter away. (Not before reading it out loud to a number of people and making fun of it, of course.) But it sort of made my day. I can't do anything to "advocate" for you, mister crazy, but you did surprise the hell out of me and make me laugh hard. So thank you for that, mister crazy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does he have 4 balls too?

This raises (ahem) so many questions in my head (ahem).

(In case you don't feel like clicking the link, it comes (ahem) down to this: Man with two penises has one surgically removed at girlfriend's request. Man says "When we first started going out she was amazed but in the end she thought it was a bit creepy.")

I wonder: Were they both functional? Were they both the same size? How close together were they? If one gets hard, does the other get hard too? Did he pee out of both? When giving him head, did she have to try to take both in her mouth at the same time, or risk having one poke her in the throat or in the eye while sucking on the other one? Did he "amaze" her by being able to fuck her in the vagina with one while simultaneously fucking her in the ass with the other?

(If the answer to that last question was yes, btw, I wouldn't be so inclined to make him get rid of one of them, despite the overall creepiness factor.)