Friday, May 9, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

My rabbit died on me last night. Died! It's not the batteries; I put fresh batteries in, and the lights still come on when I turn it on. And I still hear a little noise, like it's trying to do something. But no matter how high I turn the power up, my beloved little rabbit is just not moving or vibrating at all on me anymore.

I think I wore the poor little thing out. Seriously, I've put it to a LOT of use since I've had it. It got me through a very long dry spell.

So maybe it's appropriate enough that it is finally dying on me now, now that I have a man in my life to take its place. And he's MUCH better and a thousand times more satisfying than the rabbit. I mean, seriously ... the rabbit gave me a lot of pleasure; but how the fuck did I survive this long without real, live fucking? I don't know, but I'll tell you what; I'm sure as fuck never going anywhere near that long without it again, no matter what. And considering how much of a sex freak as me my new man is, I don't think that'll be a problem anyway.

Still, I am already missing my sweet til-now-reliable bunny. It's provided me with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of orgasms and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of fun over the past few years. I almost hate to throw it out, even if it's not vibrating for me anymore.

So I think this weekend, when my hometown guy comes up to visit, I'll take him to a sex store with me to do some new toy shopping. After all, he might have as much fun using it on me when we're together from time to time as I'll have using it on myself when I'm not with him. A new toy, to go with my new man; mmmm-hmmm, I think that is definitely a good thing. Oh, and hey, he did mention something one time about an idea he has, something to try, something to do with his electric drill and a dildo ... might be time to give that a try ... hmmmmm .......

So good-bye old rabbit, and old pathetically battery-dependent sex life; hello, new toy, and incredibly exciting and erotic sex-filled life with my hometown guy. Here's to all the orgasms the former provided me during my sad dry spell, and to all the fantastic ones I'm looking forward to having even more of with the latter in all the time to come.